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Daimyo Level
Daimyo (DIME-yo) were the feudal lords of Japan, rulers of their own little fiefdoms so to speak. When they went traveling, it was quite the production – oftentimes, the entire household came along!

While I won’t burden you with an actual entourage, a daimyo itinerary is for those who desire top-quality service and assistance for special interest tours. Currently, I offer in-depth, specialized packages for foodies and garden lovers.

A specialized food itinerary may include:

  • Restaurant recommendations that offer the chance to savor the best in fresh, local cuisine
  • Details on local food markets where both chefs and housewives shop for dinner
  • Lists of shops where you can purchase the best in cookware (top quality knives, plastic food, hand-fired porcelain)
  • Suggestions for cooking courses and/or food-related tours
  • Information on the regional specialties for your destination
  • A guide to Japanese festival food

$50 per day (ex: $400 for an 8 day foodie itinerary)

A specialized garden itinerary may include:

  • A guide to mainstream greens spaces and hidden gems
  • Details on shops that specialize in garden paraphenalia
  • Restaurant recommendations that feature unique or striking gardens on the premises
  • A guide to what's in bloom during your visit and any festivals or events that tie in to the flower calendar
  • Suggestions for classes or tours related to gardens (ikebana or bonsai class, tours of Kyoto's hidden gardens, etc)

$50 per day (ex: $400 for an 8 day garden-themed itinerary)

Girls dressed as maiko (apprentice geisha) in Kyoto's Higashiyama area
Photo credit: A Holbrook