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Travel Consultations
Heading to Japan but still have a few quick questions? Feel free to email me and get clear, concise answers on general questions like "What's the weather really like in July?", "What's the name of the train station in Fukuoka?" or "What's the difference between a SUICA and PASMO?" I'll respond within 24-48 hours and it won't cost you a thing.

If you're looking for a bit more help, however, consider booking a travel consultation. Available via either phone or Skype, these 
60 minute conversations will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice and opinions on such topics as:

  • Itinerary Set-Up - Have I packed too many sights into my trip? Is there a day trip I could add from Kyoto? How much time should I spend in Hiroshima?
  • Hotels - What are my options for a traditional hotel in Tokyo? Can I stay in a ryokan without having to sleep on a futon?
  • Food - Can you recommend an affordable place for a kaiseki meal? How do I eat okonomiyaki?
  • Cultural Activities - Is there a place where I can try on a kimono? How do I visit a sumo stable?
  • Logistics - Does the shinkansen (bullet train) stop at Mt Fuji? What's the best way to get to Takayama? 
  • Festivals - Where's the best place to observe Setsubun activities? When can I visit the Sapporo Snow Festival?

After every consultation, I'll send you a list of all resources we discussed with appropriate contact info or web links. 

An hour-long consultation costs $95.

Please click here to read Uncover Japan's terms and conditions on travel services.
Close-up of a kimono